Moms Are Out!

By Carl S. Ey

Blurb:  The New York Post reported Tuesday that Mother’s Day has been cancelled by a very prominent day school in New York City because it doesn’t reflect the structure of today’s families.

Mother’s Day is cancelled.  Not all kids have a mom and dad today.  Some have  two daddies or two moms.

In a brilliant stroke of wisdom, Rodeph Sholom Day School on the upper West Side of New York City decided that the children that attend their day school would not celebrate Mother’s Day.

“We will not be celebrating Mother’s Day and Father’s Day,” Cindi Samson, director of the lower elementary division told the New York Post. “At this time, these holidays are not needed to enhance our writing and arts programs. Second, families in our society are now diverse and varied.”

As our society evolves into a more sophisticated, technology-minded community, we seem to have left behind the values that have constituted our foundation since the founding fathers got together and decided to create a “nation under God.”

Acceptance as normal for any alternate lifestyle – gay, bisexual and transgender – is becoming commonplace in our neighborhoods and educational institutions.  Now, it is encroaching on Mother’s Day and Father’s Day in a prominent Jewish Reform Day School that ascribes to the Union of American Hebrew Congregations.

Did anyone tell the Rabbi that a Jewish Reform school is not going to honor mothers because the school doesn’t want to offend same-sex unions? The same-sex unions that were commonplace in Sodom and Gomorrah – a city God destroyed with fire in Genesis 19.

Acceptance and understanding of a person’s lifestyle makes Americans well rounded.  Bigotry simply doesn’t have a place in our society but dishonoring God isn’t an option in accepting a lifestyle that He clearly condemns.

Organizations such as GLAAD clearly seek to influence the public with accepting alternate lifestyles and incorporating them into the values of American Society.

“In pursuit of its mission, GLAAD focuses to promote lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender Visibility by designing and implementing public education campaigns with positive lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender images,” according to GLAAD’s mission statement.

Notice GLAAD uses the word “promote” as opposed to “understanding” or “accepting” in its mission statement.  As fallible human beings, we certainly aren’t in a position to judge mankind.  Abraham lobbied to God on behalf of Sodom and Gomorrah asking that He spare the city.  Americans should do the same with regard to understanding and accepting the fact that some members of society will engage in alternate lifestyles.

However, as organizations such as GLAAD gain momentum, the day may come when alternate lifestyles “promote” our nation into the same fate that God levied on another city that tolerated same sex unions and dishonored Him.

Don’t let it start with Mother’s Day.