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Back when reporters typed their stories, they indicated where the last paragraph ended by inserting -30-. One source is that that technique derived from the telegraph’s influence. Teletype operators would end their teletype messages with the code that equaled -30-. Thus when the telegraph operator at the other end of the line read -30-, he knew the message was complete.

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Liberating Iraq

One Soldier's experience turned out frightening, fulfilling. Read more on Liberating Iraq[...]
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Medal of Honor

The nation says thanks to veterans. Strong attendance expected at local events The Washington Times[...]
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Crusader scrambles to clean up cable TV

Founder of Protect Our Children takes anti-smut effort to halls of Congress The Washington Times Mar[...]
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Tough Refs – Tough Neighborhoods

by Carl Ey The boarded windows and barred storefronts populate Benning Road on the northeast side o[...]
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Support for the Troops…Really?

By Carl S. Ey Three and a half months removed from a one-year tour to Southwest Asia and supporting[...]
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Korean War Veterans

Two Jumbotrons, 10,000 brown folding chairs, big-band music and seven metal detectors greeted visito[...]
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Enduring The Agony

Carl S. Ey BLURB:  “Barking dogs,” dehydrated bodies and sweat pay the price in order to feel good.[...]
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It Took Courage

by Carl S. Ey In 1958, nine U.S. Army Ranger candidates got off of a 3/4-ton truck in front of a ch[...]
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They Wore a Black Ranger Beret

The Kind You Find At The Ranger Joe Store By Carl S. Ey Blurb:  Black berets aren't the answer and [...]
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Five Minutes with Bernie Kukar

By Carl S. Ey Bernie Kukar was the referee at Super Bowl XXXIV.  His first experience with the Supe[...]
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Moms Are Out!

By Carl S. Ey Blurb:  The New York Post reported Tuesday that Mother’s Day has been cancelled by a [...]