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What qualities do you want like in a Leonberger?

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General Profile Information:

We look at the answers to the following questions to develop a profile of you and your family in order to appropriately match a puppy to your family. In addition to replying to the below questions, we would be thrilled to get photo of your home/yard, your family, you and any pets.

1. How did you learn about the Leonberger breed? (required)

2. Have you ever seen a Leonberger in person?

Have you ever attended any events or shows or visited with a family with a Leo?

    If yes, which events or shows did you attend?

3. Why do you want a Leonberger?

4. Are you committed to caring for this dog for its lifetime? (required):

5. Leonbergers are a Giant Breed Dog. It is important for your and your family to know about the needs of a Giant Breed Dog.

    a. Have you ever owned a large/giant breed before?   

    b. If yes, what became of that dog(s)?

    c. What reading and/or experience have you done/had with raising a Giant Breed dog?

6. Do you live in a house?     Do you own the home?

7. Do you have a fenced-in yard?

8. How many adults reside in your home? (required)

9. Do you have any pets currently living in your home?

10. What other breeds of dogs have you owned and what happened to them?

(breed, life span, how long they lived with you, typical activities with you)

11. Have you ever had to euthanize a dog?

12. Who will be primarily responsible for the care of the dog?

    a. Does this primary caregiver work outside the home?

    b. If yes, how many hours will the dog be left alone?

    c. Where will the dog be kept during that time?

13. If all adults in the family work during the day, do you have a friend or neighbor or family member who can take the puppy outside to "potty" and for exercise several times during the day, especially for the first several months?

14. Where will the puppy stay during the day?

15. Where will the puppy stay during the night?

16. Do you intend to keep the dog primarily indoors or outdoors?

17. Did you crate train any of your previous dogs?

    a. Do you have a crate?

    b. If you do not have a crate now do you plan to get one?

18. What type of activities does your family enjoy and will your dog participate in them?

Is there a good training facility within a reasonable distance?

    a. What other sort of activities will your Leonberger participate in?

19. Leonbergers must have Obedience training, starting when they are puppies. They can begin such classes as soon as they have received al their shots. Be sure any program you choose utilizes "positive reinforcement" in their training! Many Leos despite their size are very sensitive to criticism and will not try something again if they are sternly reprimanded. Have you inquired about, taken classes at and/or sat in on Obedience classes in your area?

20. Are you willing to enroll in and attend formal dog training classes?

    a. Is there a good training facility within a reasonable distance?

    b. What if any, prior dog training experiences have you had?

21. Are you familiar with the socialization requirements of a puppy?

    a. In addition to training classes what will you do to socialize your puppy?

22. It is also important that your veterinarian be familiar with his/her medical care and be open to information as it becomes available to the breed. For example, Leos are very sensitive to anesthesia and require less anesthesia than most breeds. Do you currently have a veterinarian?

    a. Have you asked him about his/her experience with giant breeds of dogs (e.g. St. Bernards, Great Pyrenees, Newfoundlands)?

23. Your puppy will be registered with the America Kennel Club. You may wish to join the Leonberger Club of America which will keep you informed about the breed and activities of the various regional clubs. The Leoletter and health updates issued by the Club are well worth the price. I strongly suggest that you join the regional club which covers the area in which you live as this club offers the opportunity to meet and socialize with other Leonberger owners at their events. Are you a member of the LCA and/or a regional Leo club?

24. Are you interested in showing your Leonberger?

    a. If yes, do you have any experience showing?

25. Are you interested in breeding your Leonberger?

If you are considering breeding, do you promise to adhere to the Breeding Committee Standards established and maintained by the LCA and its successor club if any and to consult with me prior to breeding?